Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A


Foggy Bottom & West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A’s meeting began at 6:30pm. Wednesday, Feb. 16, at West End Library, 1101 24th St. N.W.

Councilmember Jack Evans spoke to the residents and business owners of Ward 2 about the leading concern in DC: the budget. Even though Ward 2’s finances remain stable, Evans gave the concerned residents words of advice.

“We must live within our means. This will be the first time in four years that the city will spend only the money we get in revenues,” said Evans.

Evans reiterated that the city’s decision would be difficult, but the only options are to “raise taxes or cut expenditures.” Taxes include sales, income, and property while potential expenditures are education, public safety and social service.

“We don’t want to cut expenditures and we are not in a position to raise taxes. We are under the challenge of making this work,” said Evans.

Other concerns discussed at the meeting were the Stevens Elementary School and the DC Water Construction Project.

Committee members and residents were vocal in making Stevens Elementary School, on 21st N.W., an African American landmark.

The DC Water Clean Rivers Project, scheduled to start March 2011, will begin at N Street N.W. and 25TH Street N.W.

“The project will minimize combined sewer overflows into the Rock Creek, Anacostia, and Potomac rivers,” said Bruce Beall, DC’s Water Project manager.

The plan will install new storm sewers, replace water mains and valves, and rehabilitate the “sewer infrastructure.”

Two initiatives that were agreed upon for Ward 2, were the National Marathon and Half Marathon and the Foggy Bottom Farmers’ Market.

The marathon, which will begin on March 26th, will go through six of the eight wards, including Ward 2. This year, approximately 15,000 runners are scheduled to compete in the timed race.

For those who had concerns about how the marathon would benefit DC, the director touched on its importance.

“The marathon also markets DC. It will allow visitors to spend some money and time here,” said Diane Thomas of the Greater Washington Sports Alliance.

And entering its sixth season, Foggy Bottom Farmers’ Market, will run from April 6th to November 23rd, between 24th and I Street N.W.