Review: Tyler Perry Fans Relate to “Laugh to Keep From Crying”

Tyler Perry’s latest stage production, “Laugh to Keep From Crying,” is another testament to his skills as a writer and his ability to sew comedy, gospel and morals to produce a quilt of laughter with a Godly theme.

A vocally talented cast greeted fans who packed the Warner Theatre in Northwest Washington one recent Saturday night. Some cast members are familiar faces. Donnie Sykes, Tamar Davis, Stephanie Ferrett and Palmer Williams (also from “Tyler Perry’s House of Pain” on the Turner Broadcasting System) are back from “The Marriage Counselor.” D’atara Hicks, Cheryl Riley and Chandra Currelley performed in several other plays.

“Laugh to Keep From Crying” centers around current situations like the mortgage crisis and timeless situations like teenage rebellion and financial hardships. It was evident that audience members could relate by the constant applause and laughter.

The play is set at four residences inside the Grandview Apartments in an urban community. Job loss and conflicts with an unhappy mother-in-law, a pimp and an unruly adolescent were all brewing inside the homes.

Audience members laugh, sang along and clapped throughout. Like all plays and films by Tyler Perry, it ended happily and with a resolution. And like all of Perry’s plays, it was an experience.

Although Washington performances have ended, the play can be seen locally at the Murphy Fine Arts Center in Baltimore through Nov. 1.