What is The New Culture?

Introducing The New Culture. A collective of multimedia journalists that aim to explore fresh approaches to ideas from a new generation of storytellers. Through the exploration of topics ranging from today‚Äôs social media culture to black businesses on U street, the New Culture wants to break barriers while telling compelling stories. 

The New Culture represents the emerging voices and ideas of today while staying true to our core journalistic value: being the voice of the people. We aim to provide insight on new age solutions to age old issues while also exploring the emerging issues that come with our ever-changing society. 

Alexandra Banks is a senior, journalism major and English minor in the department of Media, Journalism and Film at Howard University. Her interests include travel, pop culture, fashion, music and social issues pertaining to women of color. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in communications with a concentration in journalism in May 2020. Upon graduation she wants to write for a travel magazine.

Alexandra Banks


Cheyenne Majeed is a Howard University student with a major in journalism and a minor in business administration. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania. Since her time at Howard, Cheyenne began working for the Hilltop newspaper as a staff writer and shortly began working for HU news service. She shares a love for telling compelling stories and articles. Cheyenne has a passion for traveling which she hopes to incorporate in her work life.

Cheyenne Majeed

Creative Director

Dikembe Wilkins is a multimedia journalist at Howard University who specializes in political and music journalism. He has experience in video and audio production as well as editing and writing. He serves as an intern for BBC News and a reporter for Howard University News Service, News Oasis and 101 Magazine. 

Dikembe Wilkins

Editor in CHIEF