Emotions Run High in Ward 6

In the past months, Washington, D.C. has been divided, and on edge, about the primary elections that took place today between Democratic competitors, Adrian Fenty, Vincent Gray, Sulaimon Brown, Leo Alexander and Ernest Johnson.

Many residents have noticed the many ground-breaking projects that Fenty has recently taken on, and the heavy campaigning that all candidates have done, including lining the streets with numerous signs.

However, there are some residents who have waited for this day, simply because they are ready for change.

“He [Fenty] hasn’t done anything, except giving us some new libraries—that was about it,” said Randall James, a 24-year-old resident of Ward 6. “He waits until he can do something for his people uptown, when he should have been doing something for his people downtown.”

James has come out to the polls today to ensure that all people who are registered to vote are given the chance, by helping in a Ward Assistance program. This program helps those who are disabled, or have no transportation, to make it to their polling station.

However, when asked if he would be voting, James simply said, “To be honest, I won’t be voting for anybody.”

“What’s the point of voting if the same stuff is going to continue happening—what’s the point,” said James.

In the last Mayoral Primary Election, Adrian Fenty took the majority of voters in Ward 6, with 52.46 percent of the vote. However, he was not the only person in that election, as Vincent Gray, went on to become the Chairman of the Council.

In this election Gray’s involvement in Washington, D.C. is winning him votes by some people, including an elderly, 56-year-old, woman whom everyone in her community simply knows as Ms. Jackson.

“I support Vincent Gray, because he has been in the business for years with the D.C. folks, and he has helped us a lot,” said Ms. Jackson. “Now, I did vote for Adrian Fenty in the past, but, I might have to change a little bit because he didn’t do enough for the people.”

For now, Ms. Jackson just hopes that her vote makes a difference, and, especially that Vincent Gray will keep good on the things he has done for the district’s residents, and says he will do if he wins.