Few Turn Out to Election Night Viewing at Movie Theater

Few turn out to election night viewing at AMC Mazza Gallery movie theatre. Photo courtesy of AMC Theatres website.

Few individuals showed up at the AMC Mazza Gallery in Friendship Heights, Washington D.C. for a special election results viewing on Tuesday night.

AMC Theaters across the country partnered with CNN to bring the election in their theaters. Fifty theaters participated in the event.

This is the first time any movie theater company has brought the election results to Americans.

Mariah Rollins, a D.C. resident said she wanted to see the suspense of the elections.

“We’re gonna leave to go to a bar but we’re staying to see what this is like,” Rollins said.

Catherine Heisy, a Clinton supporter believes that this election is important to millenials, because of the voice they have.

“It’s important that young people see themselves in positions of power and up until now for any young women she’s never seen someone who looks like her in the role of president.”  Catherine Heisy said.

AMC held the viewings because of the records this election set.

“The 2016 Presidential race has generated record-setting viewing on television and online, and we’re excited to have CNN bring the culmination of the race to the big screen,” said Elizabeth Frank, Executive Vice President and Chief Content & Programming Officer of AMC Theatres in a press release.

AMC used voter registration to identify ‘blue’ or ‘red’ theaters across the country.

Another viewer believed that it was wrong for AMC to partner up with CNN because he believes they’re mostly liberal.

“It’s ridiculous how AMC has partnered with CNN a very liberal media for election viewing in a Trumpland theater,” said John Mekerson, a Trump supporter.