Incumbents Face Little Opposition in Council, ANC Races

Ward 1

Jim Graham (D) has served as Ward 1 council member since he was first elected on Nov. 3, 1998. He was re-elected in 2002 and 2006. He’s up for re-election again this year, using the slogan “Unity” and “Unidad” in Spanish. He is endorsed by publications like The Washington Post, The Afro and InTowner Newspaper. Graham is chair of the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs and sits on the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development and the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs. He is also a member of the Metro/WMATA board of directors.

Nancy Shia is one of a few candidates running on behalf of the D.C. Statehood Green Party. She is an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 1A06 but is giving up that role to pursue the council seat for Ward 1. She is endorsed by David Schwartzman, who is also running as the D.C. Statehood Green Party candidate for D.C. Council member At-Large. He’s encouraging residents to written Shia in on the ballot.

Marc Morgan is one of the few Republican candidates in the D.C. elections. His background is in the non-profit sector and political fundraising. He has worked to raise awareness about environmental issues and HIV/AIDS.

Laura McGiffert Slover is a candidate for the State Board of Education.


Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

1A – ANC1A serves the Columbia Heights neighborhood. There are 11 seats open, 6 of which are uncontested. The seat for 1A03 is vacant, the seat currently occupied by Luis A. Morales. Four commissioners are running for re-election, and there are 16 candidates in total.


Lisa Kralovic (Uncontested) – current ANC


Vicky A. Wright-Smith (Uncontested)




Betty Pair (Current)

Mack A. James Sample


Laina Aquiline (Uncontested)


William “Bill” Brown, Jr.

Miriam Z. Savad

Richard Dubeshter


Thomas Boisvert (Uncontested)


Kent Boese (Uncontested)


Bobby Holmes

Sam Moore

LaKeisha G. Thomas (Current)


Lenwood “Lenny” Johnson (Current)

Jonathan Madison


Kat Skiles (Uncontested)


1B – ANC1B serves the Columbia Heights, LeDroit Park, Pleasant Plains, Shaw and University Heights communities. Six of the 11 total seats are uncontested, and there are 17 candidates overall. Seven of the current commissioners are running for re-election.


Myla Moss (Uncontested) Current


Aaron Spencer

Peter J. Raia Sr. (Current)

Tucker V. E. Gallagher


Sedrick Muhammad (Uncontested) Current


Deborah R. Thomas (Current)

William M. Girardo


Mary M. Streett (Uncontested)


Charles Meisch (Uncontested)


Juan E. Lopez (Current)

Brittany Kademian


Rosemary T. Akinmboni (Current)

Ahnna Smith


Shahrzad M. Rastegar

Lauren McKenzie 


Tony Norman (Uncontested)


E. Gail Anderson Holness (Uncontested) Current

1C – ANC1C serves the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Of the eight seats up for grabs, three are uncontested and two are vacant, ANC1C 04 and 05. Two commissioners, Stacey Moye and Wilson Reynolds, are running for re-election.


Stacey Moye (Uncontested) Current


Bill O’Field

Martis “Marty” Davis


Jose Sueiro

Olivier Kamanda

Adam Eidinger






Steve Lanning

Raymond Mosley


Wilson Reynolds (Uncontested) Current


Kathie Boettrich (Uncontested)


1D – ANC1D serves the Mount Pleasant community. It is the smallest of four and contains six seats. ANC1D 01 is vacant, while four other seats are uncontested. Only seat 04 is contested, with Gregg Edwards, the current commissioner, and Phil Greiner vying for the position.




Laura Wilson Phelan (Uncontested)


Jack McKay (Uncontested) Current


Gregg Edwards (Current)

Phil Greiner


China Terrell (Uncontested)


Angelia D. Scott (Uncontested) Current

 – Compiled by Genet Lakew


Ward 2

Election Day will prove to be an eventful day for the candidates running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.  While many of the commissioners are running uncontested, some commissioners are facing off against three candidates, and others are not even seeking a second term. Which ANC races will have the most interesting results? That could be the ANC divisions that have no candidates at all.  Residents may see write-in candidates in those areas.

Here are the races to watch.

Contested Races

2B09: Ramon Estrada (current) vs. Sunit Talapatra

2C02: Kevin Chapple (current) vs. Leroy Thorpe, Jr.

2C03: Doris Brooks (current) vs. Rickey Williams, Jr.

2C04: Theresa Sule (current) vs. Rachelle Nigro, Cary Sheih, and Derrick Barrett

2F06: Michael Bernando (current) vs. Kate McMahon


 ANC’s With No Candidates




New, Uncontested Candidates

2B02: Kevin O’Connor (Bhava Patel is current ANC)

2E03: Jeffrey Jones (William Skelsey is current ANC)

2E04: Jake Sticka (Aaron Golds is current ANC)

2F02: Emily Barton (Andy Warth is current ANC)

2F03: Samuel Goekjian (Brian Vargas is current ANC)

– Compiled by Amber Smith


Ward 3

The Democratic candidate for D.C. Council is incumbent Mary Cheh. Her opponent for Ward 3’s seat is Republican Dave Hedgepeth.


The names for ANC incumbents are boldfaced.


3B01 Ben Thielen (currently Cathy Fiorillo)

3B02 Jackie Blumenthal

3B02 Alev Akbulut

3B03 Mark Stevens (currently Melissa Lane)

3B04 Horace (Howie) Kreitzman

3B05 Brian A. Cohen



3C01 Lee Brian Reba

3C02 William Kummings

3C03 Matthew James Kozik

3C03 Anne-Marie Bairstow

3C04 Roger Burns 

3C05 Leila J. Afzal

3C06 Trudy Reeves

3C07 Victor Silveira

3C08 Catherine May

3C09 Nancy J. MacWood



3D01 Kent Slowinski

3D01 Elizabeth (Betsy) Sandza

3D02 Tom Smith

3D03 Nan Wells

3D04 Stuart Ross

3D05 William Philip Thomas

3D06 Ann F. Heuer

3D06 John Curran

3D07 is vacant

3D08 Lee P. Minichiello

3D09 Ann Haas

3D09 Petar A. Dimtchev



3E01 Jonathan McHugh

3E01 Beverly Sklover

3E02 Matthew Frumin

3E03 Jonathan Bender

3E04 Tom Quinn

3E04 Sally J. Greenberg

3E05 Sam J. Serebin



3F01 Adam Tope

3F01 Mike Siegel

3F02 Karen Lee Perry

3F03 Karen Beiley

3F04 Tom Whitley

3F05 Roman Jankowski

3F06 Cathy Wiss

3F07 Bob Summersgill



3G01 Bayard Brewin

3G01 Carolyn “Callie” Cook

3G02 Gary Thompson

3G03 Margaret (Peggy) Sewell

3G04 Allen E. Beach

3G05 David Engel

3G06 Jim McCarthy

3G07 Henry Griffin

3G07 Jack J. Burriesci

– Compiled by Ronesha Dennis

Ward 4

In Ward 4, most ANC races are unopposed this election season. Many commissioners are running for re-election. Only ANC 4B and 4C have some competition for their neighborhood positions, but four out of the six positions in 4D have no one running and the other two are unopposed. 

Ward 4 ANC Candidates

4A01    Karl Kennedy

4A02    Dwayne M. Toliver

4A03    Stephen A “Steve” Whatley

4A04    Marian C. Bennett

4A05    Habieba Israel

4A06    Kimberly L. Boyd

4A07    Dave Wilson

4A08    Gale Black


4B01    Sara Green

4B02    Faith E. Wheeler

4B03    Monique-Michelle Smith

    Frederick D. Grant

4B04    Gerald Long Sazon Jr

    James J. Sydnor

    Joseph Alfred

    Douglas E. Smith, Sr

4B05    Brenda K. Speaks

    Blondine C. Hughes

4B06    Gloria D. Palmer

4B07    Judi Jones

4B08    Yvonne A. Jefferson

4B09       NONE


4C01    Michael Yates

4C02    Janet M. Myers

4C03    NONE

4C04    Steve Leraris

4C05    Joseph Vaughan

    T. Tabron

4C06    David Tumblin

4C07    Shanel Anthony

4C08    Jeff Green

    Timothy A. Jones

4C09    Joseph Martin

4C10    Robert H. Mandle


4D01       NONE

4D02       NONE

4D03    Lisa Colbert

4D04      NONE

4D05       NONE

4D06    Bill Quirk

– Compiled by Kimberly Jacobs


Ward 5

Three candidates will be vying for the Ward 5 council member seat. Democrat Harry Thomas Jr. is running for re-election. Republican Tim Day, Ward 5C10 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and Independent Kathy Henderson, former 5B10 ANC, are his opponents. During the September primaries, Thomas secured the Democratic nomination with close to 62 percent of votes, and Day secured the Republican nomination with 75 percent of votes, according to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics. Henderson was not on the primary ballot.

The following are the 2010 Ward 5 ANC candidates, according to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

5A01: Sandi Washington    

5A02: Patricia Ann Roberts

5A03: Angel Sherri Alson

           Antonio Baxter

5A04: Herman “Rip” Preston

5A06: John J. Feeley, Jr.    

5A07: John Daggett

           Carolyn C. Steptoe

5A08: Timothy Thomas       

5A09: Shirley Rivens

5A10: Allen L. Tillman, Jr.

           Jehan Ashly Carter

           Corey Arnez Griffin

5A12: Robert Bob King 


5B01: Mercile Banks

           William C. Shelton

5B02: Patricia Brown-Daniels

5B03: Regina James

5B04: Raysheen Woodland

           Vaughn L. Bennett

5B05: Rosetta Davis

5B06: Thalia Wiggins

           George Jackson

5B07: David L. Hooper

           Laura A. Casperson

           Arthur Yarbrough

5B08: Connell Wise

           Tina Laskaris

5B09: Jacqueline Manning

5B10: India Henderson

           Camille Jeau-Esther Tuckery

5B11: William H. “Bill” Myers, Jr.


5C01: Bradley Ashton Thomas

           Kimberly Tignor

5C02: Joyce Robinson-Paul

           Sylvia Pinkley

5C03: W. Hugh Youngblood

5C04: John Salatti

5C05: Denise C. Wright

           Timothy “Tim” Clark


5C06: Mary Lois Farmer-Allen

           Darin Allen

5C07: Barrie Baneker

           James J. Fournier

5C08: J. Jioni Palmer

5C09: Silas Grant Jr.

5C11: Ronnie Edwards

5C12: Derrick O. Holloway

           Albrette “GiGi” Ransom

 – Compiled by Brittany Johnson

Ward 6

The candidates of Ward 6 have been working to make sure their issues are heard and understood by the community. 

Tommy Wells, democratic incumbent, has been a member of the council for Ward 6 since 2006. He has remained committed to his strategy of working toward a “livable and walkable city.” During his years, he has worked on safety, transit and continued development to bring together the residents of Ward 6.

Running against Wells is Jim DeMartino, republican, who has been using the slogan “your choice for opportunity.” DeMartino, however, has education as his top priority, supporting initiatives that bring about choice in public and charter schools, higher standards in school performance and graduation rates.  Also on his list of priorities are an efficient government and job creation.

Two candidates are running for the State Board of Education, Monica Warren-Jones and Melissa Rohan. Warren-Jones promises to put more focus on holding students to the highest standards and improving parental involvement in children’s success. 

Rohan is focusing on choices, safety and funding.  She would like parents to have a choice in whether to send their children to charter or public schools, children to have a safe place to learn, and teachers and staff at schools to have more funding to enhance the teaching environment.

– Compiled by Alexa Murray