Reviews: Aquaman and Incredibles 2

A still from the Incredibles 2 movie. Photo from The Incredibles 2 website.


Aquaman is a modern adaption of a DC Comics’ classic and was released in theaters on December 21, 2018. The film was directed by James Wan and actor, Jason Momoa, was cast as the leading man. The cinematography in this film cannot be matched by many other films based on DC Comics. Aquaman heavily relies on the production design, which helps to contribute to the film’s success. It was fascinating to see an underwater world come alive on the big screen.

Despite the effective cinematography and interesting plot, the first scene of the film seemed to drag and continue out longer than needed. There is also an excessive amount of flashbacks shown throughout the film. The writers could have used a different strategy to trace and explain the origins of Aquaman. Some of the scenes lack a sense of realism. For example, the scene between Aquaman and the pirates could have been executed and captured on camera in a more believable manner. The scene appears to be added in for effect and has no real purpose in the film. Overall, the film is worth the trip to the movies and could be one of DC Comics’ best films after The Dark Knight.


Vanessa Saleem

The Incredibles are back, and audiences have waited fourteen years to see the stunning animation! The action-packed beginning provides a transition that was worth the wait. The audience is reintroduced to the original cast and the rules of their world while the Incredibles fight the Underminer. I was immediately drawn back in. Eventually, they stop the Underminer but with much damage to the metropolis. They are also breaking the law due to the ban on superheroes.

Winston Deavor, voiced by Bob Odenkirk, is a wealthy businessman who believes the criminalization of superheroes caused his father’s death. He knows that if the heroes were not underground, his father’s hero friends would have been there to save his life. Working alongside his sister Evelyn, voiced by Catherine Keener, he organizes a plan to make heroes super again. The plan is to put a body camera on a superhero and allow the world to see the benefit of having superheroes. You can compare this to the use of bodycams by police officers. Bringing an audience into a moment allows them to experience an act of heroism firsthand and root for the hero.

Incredibles 2 introduces us to a new villain named Screenslaver. She personifies society’s addiction to computer screens. Screenslaver often explains her agenda through different monologues in the film. In one monologue she says that we are trading experiences for simulation. The movie provides adult viewers with thought-provoking dialogue while keeping the rest of the family entertained with extraordinary animation and comedy.

As Elastigirl works to make heroes legal again, Mr. Incredible takes on the challenge of parenthood. The director, Brad Bird, brilliantly highlights the difficulties of raising children by depicting three children who are at different phases of their youth. Violet is a teenager who is dealing with relationship drama and trying to find herself. Dash is at the age where life is good and the hardest thing to focus on is doing your homework. Jack-Jack is just a baby, but he has a multitude of superpowers to deal with. Just as he did in The Incredibles, Bird emphasizes the value of family.

Overall, I believe Incredibles 2 lives up to the expectations fans have had over the last fourteen years. I give it five out of five stars. It is a must-see movie for all. However, I would recommend that those who are new to The Incredibles franchise watch the movies in order.


Dakota Lebofsky