Baker’s Man

Owner of The Kindred Cup Rick Gossett preparing a pastry dish for a customer.

By Tia Lowe, Howard University News Service

The Kindred Cup sits at the corner of a busy intersection in Chevy Chase, MD serving local customers a variety coffee and pastries.

Rick Gossett, The Kindred Cup’s owner and manager opened the bakery in 2014. The Kindred Cup is a direct result of Gosset’s commitment to his business. It’s had consistent growth since its grand opening. Gosset got his start in the restaurant business. He has always had a passion for the industry, and after taking off for a few years, he decided to make a comeback in a smaller field; baking, “I like creating a neighborhood spot for the community,” Gosset said. Customers will find that The Kindred Cup is at its busiest in the morning, as it fulfills the needs of early risers.

Like most start-up businessmen, adversity could not be avoided. Surrounded by shopping centers, Gosset faced challenges in the pursuit of parking and nearby renovations. Nevertheless, the bakery persevered. Recently, the WTOP Radio Station has moved into the office building overhead. Gossett looks forward to the client base it will bring.

After five years of being in operation running, “The Kindred Cup specialty seems to be the quiche ― which is a customer favorite.” Gosset said. First time customer, Ray Whitehouse said, “I enjoyed my first visit… the music is nice, the coffee is great, and I like the windows.” Customers seem to love an inviting atmosphere just as much as a great cup of coffee. When clients walk into the store they are greeted by a marble counter with high tech coffee equipment posed behind it and most importantly, the man behind it all, Rick Gossett. The bakery offers a modern, homestyle interior.

In the upcoming years of business, Gossett looks most forward to “Creating a sustainable business that will satisfy customers.”