Howard University Receives 4th Bomb Threat

After Howard University received a bomb threat, the emergency exit was blocked during a shelter-in-place order at the Met Building. (Photo: Caleb Brown via Twitter)

By Airielle Lowe

Howard University News Service

Howard University received its fourth bomb threat since the start of the new year today, and the campus is currently sheltering in place. It has been only about two weeks ago since the university received its third threat, along with numerous other HBCUs at the time.

Howard students received a statement at 10:55 a.m. regarding a “credible threat” being investigated and calling for an “emergency shelter in place.” They also received two alerts on the Bison Safe app at 11:22 a.m.

Everyone on campus is required to shelter in place at the buildings where they are currently stationed or to enter the nearest building, whether that includes dorms or  academic buildings. The university also stated that, “auxiliary services, instruction and activities are paused or amended during this active order.” Students have also reported not being able to leave or enter any buildings following the emergency order.

Caleb Brown, a senior TV and film major, was on campus when the emergency shelter order was given, and is one of the students stuck in the MET Building where the Cathy Hughes School of Communications has relocated to temporarily. “SOC got the door blocked they won’t let people leave,” Brown tweeted. About 15 minutes later, he followed up by saying that administrators had put everyone in an auditorium and began “playing music.”




Howard is not the only HBCU to become a target to threats yet again. Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee reportedly received bomb threats this morning as well.

Students and staff at Howard are still waiting for the all-clear and further information from the university.

Airielle Lowe is a reporter and regional bureau chief for HUNewsService.com.