Victims Come Alive at Museum of Crime & Punishment

The National Museum of Crime & Punishment took the usual ghost and ghoul’s story that is featured in haunted houses, and molded it with a criminal plot.  Once going in, people will be surprised to see, not ghosts floating around in white, but spirits coming alive from the dead.

Walking into the haunted area, groups must first watch a film on the crimes and sounds accompanied with “Old Smokey,” an electric chair in Tennessee that was responsible for the deaths of numerous criminals.

Looking up the stairs, however, you are met with a pitch-black entrance, making anyone in that group begin to take a second thought on whether they want to enter.  More than anything else, seeing this will make people scramble to the back of the line so that they are not the first to encounter these spirits.

This year, the ghosts of “Old Smokey” come to communicate with the people traveling throughout the museum.  Every step you take will put you at risk, and afraid to move a muscle, as you barely move through “Fright at the Museum: Dead Men Walking.”

Between Thursday and Halloween Sunday, guests aged 17 years old and over will be able to experience these vengeful victims. Tickets are $20 at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment and online.

Last year, the actual murderers came back from the dead, and this year, the victims are searching for them to take out their revenge.