Brent Faiyaz and Sonder connect with D.C. fans with soothing performance

R&B trio Sonder made their fourth stop on their fall “Into Tour” in Washington, D.C. Their latest concert was held at U Street Music Hall on Wednesday, September 23. The show opened with Feel, their latest EP’s intro track that had the crowd excitedly begin to sing along with the artists.

Brent Faiyaz performing at the U Street Music Hall. Photo by Eileen Salazar. 

“The minute he [Brent] got on stage I was overwhelmed,” attendee Nicole Chibuzo said. “I didn’t know what to expect, but he sounds exactly the same live.”

Sonder is made up of vocalist Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu and Dpat. Their debut project is only 26 minutes, but they performed an hour set during their stop in the capital. In addition to performing their latest project, they covered Jodeci, performed unreleased tracks and even fake ended the show enticing a bit of the crowd to lightly chant “Sonder Sonder Sonder.”

“When they started singing One Night Only I went crazy and then realized I was the only one who knew the lyrics,” attendee Aria Evans said. “I Guess I’m the only one who listened to their episode on Soulection; they played like three new songs on the episode.”

“I really liked the concert but I wish Brent would have done some of his solo songs,” attendee Deric Walker said. “I was waiting for him to sing the hook from Crew or Poison, but it never happened.”

The group's sound is a modern spin on 90s R&B taking inspiration from Jodeci, Ginuwine and Timbaland. Faiyaz told the Fader, "Into is a reflection of shit that my ego won't allow me to speak on in everyday conversation. It's everything from relationships with women and family to living too fast."


Additionally, exclusive concert merchandise was sold at the location. Fans had to option of purchasing a five panel hat, short or long sleeved shirts and hoodies. Prices ranged from $32-$46.

“I couldn’t fade buying any merch,” attendee Marcus Anderson said. “If the shirt was like $30 I would’ve bought a shirt, but $36? Naw man.”

Sonder ended the concert with the group's hit single Too Fast. The room lit up with smartphones and the bellows of loyal fans.