“Grown Folks Business” and Nobody Else’s

There are a vast number of issues surrounding black communities. These issues affect relationships, communities, the church, and life itself. Author Victoria Christopher Murray finds a way to integrate these issues into novels that leave an impact on its readers. Murray is the author of six novels with a seventh novel, “Too Little, Too Late” to be published in June 2008.

“I read two of Victoria’s novels, “JOY” and “Grown Folks Business.” The way she writes to extract emotions from readers is remarkable. The issues she talks about are real, making for a great genuine novel,” said Jamilah Razzaq, a senior Marketing major.

Murray’s novels deal with African-American men and women characters who struggle within relationships, betrayal and sisterhood. Her characters deal with Christianity issues, homosexuality, fornication, forgiveness and faith.

“I get ideas from all parts of life, from things I see on television, from articles I read in the newspaper, from everywhere. I write about the type of people I know. I think one of my reasons people like my characters is because they think they know my characters on all levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” said Murray.

Murray’s “Grown Folks Business” is a heart-wrenching tale of ultimate betrayal and how a Christian women deals with it. The main character Sheridan finds out her husband of seventeen years was leaving her for a man. Sheridan must now lean on faith to get through rough times and forgive her husband. In her most recent novel, “The Ex Files,” Murray gives a powerful novel about faith and healing through sisterhood. This story tells how four women deal with and overcome what seem to be insurmountable obstacles.

Murray said, “I got the idea to write ‘Grown Folks Business’ because I wanted to write about a hot political issue from a Christian point of view. And, I wanted to include all sides of the argument. In the ‘The Ex Files’ a friend came to me and said there were four ways to handle a break up: be faith-filled, faithless, weak-willed, or revenge-filled. I thought that would make a great story.”

“As a friend of someone who went through the same situation, I could really connect to the characters in Grown Folks Business. I felt like I was part of Sheridan’s life,” said Paris Rushing, an alumnus of Howard University.

The storylines by Murray flow between characters making readers a part of their lives. The intense nature of their problems draws the reader in while the religious undertones will have you evaluate your own life.

“Writing books is my passion. I try to show that anything can be handled, accomplished, overcome with Jesus Christ,” said Murray.

Anyone who enjoys great African-American literature , will enjoy Victoria Christopher Murray. If you would to get more information about her seventh novel or about other novels written, visit, Victoria Christopher Murray’s website.