Some Residents of Ward 6 Remain Confident in the Democratic Party

In Ward 6, Tommy Wells, Democrat, and Jim DeMartino, Republican, are in a race for the D.C. Council position.


Although the issues surrounding these neighborhoods are important, nationally, the race is on to see whether Democrats will be able to hold their positions, or if Republicans will take their spots.


“Based on what I’ve heard, and what I’ve been hearing on the news, it seems that the Democrats are going to lose and Republicans, like the Tea Party, are going to come in,” Lola Ajai, a 22-year-old, said.


While Ajai thinks that there may be some truth to this, she said that people are wrongfully blaming President Barack Obama and Democrats for all the problems going on in the nation.


“They won’t even give the poor man a chance,” Ajai said.


Since the election of President Obama in 2008, many Democratic candidates have swarmed political offices across the nation. In Ward 6, Tommy Wells has been entrenched as a Democratic council member since 2006, working and strategizing on development, safety and education.


Although many of the improvements have been embraced, his constituents have had front-row seats to witness the growing tension stemming from President Obama’s election and the backlash against Democrats since “The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,” “One Nation March” and “Restoring Honor” gathering were all held within his ward.


“There are those who really see and are grateful for the improvements that Democrats have made,” Ronald Allen, 39, said. “But, there are those who can’t really see, or just be aware of, the changes that they have made for the time they have been in office.”


But, when it comes to the local elections, Allen realizes that there is a lot at stake, and more to do, when considering the problems that people are still facing.


“There is going to be a seesaw battle because they have a lot of conflicting issues,” Allen said. “This is still a time of turmoil for many folks trying to rebound off losing jobs, lost homes and all of that.”


However, many other Washington residents believe that all U.S. problems, whether it be the recession or war, take time to solve.


Michelle Dumont, 62, strongly believes that Democrats need more of a chance.  And despite what she has heard in the media about Democrats losing their top spots in government, Dumont is still confident in her party.


“I am hoping that the Tea Party is not going to gain too much because I think they are totally nuts,” Dumont said. “I’m hoping that the country can stay its course, because two years is not long enough a time to make drastic changes during the situation that Obama inherited.”