Review: ‘Saw IV,’ a Sight for Sore Eyes

When movies come out with sequels, you usually don’t expect them to do very well. But in the case of “Saw IV”, you are drawn in from the beginning and held captive until the end. The “Saw” trilogy left all of its fans thinking that the game for your life was over when Jigsaw finally met his maker, but then “Saw IV” made its debut on Friday and proved everyone wrong.

The opening scene starts with Jigsaw having an autopsy, which is where another one of his signature tapes were discovered. It is at this point that a new game is started.

Jigsaw was given another opportunity to test more people and teach life lessons to those whom he feels are not cherishing their lives or those around them. At the beginning of the movie, questions that might have existed for fans from past “Saw” films begin to be answered and continue to be throughout the movie.

New characters were introduced but were done in a clever manner so that they do not seem pointless; everyone played a key role. The transitions from one scene to another appeared to be done effortlessly and added more thrill to the film. The overall production for the film was simply amazing.

“Saw IV” came through on its name providing the same gore and suspense that it has in the past. The action scenes were nothing short of messy and creative. Not only were there great climax scenes, but “Saw IV” tied other scenes together from previous “Saw” sequels giving “Saw IV” a reason to exist, which was to explain Jigsaw’s purpose. By the end of the movie, you now know more about the man behind the game, the one who makes all the rules and creates the tests. “Saw IV” had people leaving the theater still talking and in complete shock as they witnessed who else was part of Jigsaw’s team and plan. At no point was I not at the edge of my chair trying to figure what was going to happen next. “Saw IV” is a must- see film that pulls out all the tricks and tops most horror sequels of its time such as “Halloween” and “Scream.”