S.E. outreach program wants to ‘raise up a people of hope’

Urban Outreach Inc. is a community outreach program that designed to “raise up a people of hope, empowered by the Gospel to impact their community for Christ,” according to their website.

Urban Outreach Inc. lives and abides by its cores values from understanding the needs of the community and nurturing and empowering new disciples.

“This is more than just an outreach program, this is the future and this is to help anyone and everyone in need,” Wil Stroman, who has been running the Urban Outreach Inc. for more than 10 years, said.

Urban Outreach Inc, located in Washington, focuses on the homeless ministry, women’s shelter ministry, and community outreach. All events are set to cater for those who are in need in the Southeast community.

“I have been with Urban Outreach through the women’s shelter ministry — they accepted me with open arms and helped me get back on my feet. I was homeless and lost my kids, but now I’m helping other women get back [on] their feet,” said Rhonda Sheldom, a former group member of the women’s shelter ministry.

Urban Outreach Inc. lives by their fellowship and pioneers of the Assemblies of God. The organization developed their 16 beliefs, called the “Statement of Fundamental Truths.”

“Urban Outreach has been for the people and will continue to be for the people, they helped me change my life, now I’m helping change the lives of many others,” said Sheldom.

“I’ve been volunteering here at Urban Outreach Inc. for two years and we’ve had our rough moments but the joy of helping someone is something that can’t be taken from you. I work closely with the homeless ministry program and it is something I proudly talk about because it has really opened my eyes to what life is really about,” says Aaliyah Pleasant, Howard University student, volunteer at Urban Outreach Inc.

Urban Outreach Inc. is located at 5343 C Street, SE Washington, D.C. 20019. Their office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.