I’m Thankful for …

As the Thanksgiving holiday rolls in, students prepare for family time, hanging out with old friends, and the much-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner. A few students did not fail to remember one of the true meanings of the holiday: giving thanks.

“I’m thankful for my beautiful friends and family,” said Yanique Richards, a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism from New York City.

Fellow New Yorker Jordan Henry was thankful for similar reasons. “I’m alive,” she said, and “God has blessed me with wonderful friends. I’m just blessed.”

Henry, a sophomore from Long Island, also said she was thankful for a piece of mind — “mentally, physically, emotionally.”

Jenelle Coy explained that she has witnessed people getting sick left and right with serious issues, and that she was just thankful for total health. Texan Carey Lesuer was also thankful for his health along with the clothes on his back.

Many students were thankful to be at Howard University. “I’m thankful that God put me here at HU,” biology major Michael Ongele says happily.

Ongele is spending his first semester at Howard as a transfer student from Prince George’s County Community College. The religious life that brought him here keeps him sane and gives him fuel, he exclaimed.

When asked what she is thankful for, sophomore broadcast journalism major Sondai Costley replies, “I’m thankful for opportunity, for the sky is the limit.”

For some students, the opportunity to be at Howard University is even sweeter and cheaper. Chardae Fleming quickly revealed that her reason for thanks was her scholarship.