Howard University Introduces New Safety Device Hoping to Provide Peace of Mind

"POM" is Part of Howard S.A.F.E. Initiative On Campus

By Makailah Gause and videographer Shanell Holback for NewsVision

The February 13th shooting at Michigan State University which left three students dead, is the twelfth mass shooting at a U.S. college since the 1960s. In light of rising safety concerns for university students across the country, Howard University recently introduced the Peace of Mind Device, also known as the POM. Howard is one of more than a dozen institutions of higher learning to adopt the technology as part of its Bison S.A.F.E. plan. Officials hope the small personal safety gadget will help students, faculty and staff feel more secure. NewsVision reporter Makailah Gause and videographer Shanell Holback have the story.