Happy Handful for Heather

Photo via Zillow

Local library manager manages to handle multiple branches and responsibility on a daily basis.

Hyattsville, New Carollton, Mt. Rainer, and Blandesburg’s library manager, Heather Jackson’s, passion and dedication is vital in operating libraries that help to provide equal opportunities for all.

Although time consuming, Jackson loves her job. She enjoys the positive outcome of the patrons. Her face lights up with excitement when talking about work.

“Before we moved to this temporary location, our branch on Adelphi Road had a separate children’s center. I was in the children’s department on desk one day. A family came in. I remember the mom. She was Columbian and I met her at an outreach event at Langley Park. I told her about this free event we were having for kids. I told her everything here was free and she could use it. So I saw the mom come in and right behind her was her husband and son who was maybe five. The little boy saw a portion of the books on the wall and got so excited. He stopped, started shaking, and yelled ‘So many books.’”

She paused with a smile then continued to say, –  “he was so excited by it. It was so powerful because he didn’t even enter the full section yet.” Jackson has many triumphal and emotional memories while carrying the West Area manager library title.

Jackson manages the Hyattsville, New Carrollton, and Mt. Rainer, and Bladensburg branches. Managing four branches a day is as hectic as it sounds. Even though it is frantic, it is possible. “Google calendar helps a lot. Having my calendar present on my phone all the time helps a lot. I set a lot of reminders and tasks in advance so I don’t lose track. And of course, to do list. Depending on the project I’ll use different sources, like Trello or Google.”

With so many daily tasks and a passionate drive, Jackson hopes library continues to be a place where people of all ages can benefit and grow. Not only from the books, but from programs, fundraisers, and events held by the library.  The Williams siblings can attest to this. “I love the library because of the books. I love to read but I can’t always buy books. If I really like a book, I will check it out again. My sister takes me to this one and another one all the time,” ten-year-old Justin said excitedly,.

His 20-year-old sister Lauren chimed in agreement, “We live closer to the New Carrollton Branch, but I go to school at PGCC. When I have a group project or want to study, the Hyattsville branch is my go to. I usually take him with because he likes the books and it makes him happy. I like seeing my brother happy, learning, and quiet,” Williams added a chuckle after the word quiet. – “ I spoke to a library worker last time we were at New Carrollton and she gave me different programs that he’d may like to join at the library.”