Birth Control Pills…For Men!

Scientists Discovering Strategies to Immobilize Sperm

After years of research and testing, scientists have began to make many detailed discoveries that might expedite the days to when men have the choice of a contraceptive pill. However, will men be for or against this scientific breakthrough?

Though uncertainty in the productivity of this product has been revealed, it is still undergoing major development by several research companies and, each is racing to be the first to offer the magic pill.

The race for the best method has researchers frantically working to produce the most efficient product and many tests are showing positive signs. Though there are still some small niches to be worked out, researchers are pleased with their findings and believe this product will be a great success.

At the University of Massachusetts, researchers have announced that they have discovered a strategy for immobilizing sperm, which involves turning off the tiny tails that allow sperm to swim to a female egg for fertilization. At the VA Medical Center in Seattle researchers have created a pill consisting of the hormones: testosterone and progesterone that lowers the sperm count to zero. And at Edinburgh

University’s center for reproductive biology, they have produced a pill that contains desogestrel, a synthetic steroid which imitates the action of the female hormone progesterone and inhibits sperm production.

These companies and many more are doing what it takes to produce a product, America will love. Many men are as ecstatic about this new break through as researchers and can’t wait till it is released on the market. They believe this pill gives them a more efficient option of birth control rather then simply the use of a condom.

The only doubts they have are about possible side effects and the transmission of STDs.

Lester Rowe, a sophomore art major at Newman College said, “Yes, I would take that pill in a heart beat, personally I am for anything that prevents unwanted birth.” He continued, “If there are no side effects and no increased chances of STDs then I am all for it.”

For many years the pressures of birth control has heavily rested upon the shoulders of women, and the only role the male played was asking, “are you on the pill?”

Well, soon this common role playing will be reversed, due to the national effort of researchers to create a male contraceptive pill.

According to a CNN.com report, researchers predict that both men and women will have equal opportunities in birth control options within this decade.

“The existence of alternative methods of birth control is exceedingly important, particularly methods men can use and where the responsibility for contraception becomes more of a shared responsibility,” said Dr. Karen Loeb Lifford, a medical doctor of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe.

Though the idea for equality in birth control is a major scientific break through it still isn’t enough to get some men excited. Some men have strong feelings that science sometimes goes too far and this is one of those instances.

LaQuinton Brock a junior kinesiology major at University of North Texas expresses his disgust.

“I am not an advocate for most things when it comes to science because some things just seem too unnatural and devilish, and this is definitely one of those things.”

Science may be moving too fast and crossing boundaries that are too extreme for some, but research continues and so will the advancement of the pill.

For more information on the product go to www.pillformen.com where there are current research articles on its development.