Existing Drugs Used to Treat Addiction.

One of the big problems associated with drug addiction is drugtreatment. Scientists are discovering new tactics to treataddiction-using old drugs.

This testing has been going on for quite sometime at the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the NationalInstitute of Alcohol and Alcoholism. Scientists do believe thatthis new testing can work.

In 1997, a pill called Zyban, a stop-smokingpill was approved by the government. But, everyone doesn’tagree with using this method.

“Scientists should find other methods oftesting instead of just using humans, because it doesn’t seemright, they should fully test all of the existing drugs beforeusing them on humans,” says College of Notre Dame Student,Ciera Laury.

Experimenting with old drugs instead of newerones does have its advantages. It is easier and cheaper to get anew drug approved, than to try bringing a new drug into themarket.

Although there are a variety of drug treatmentmethods available, the type of method depends on the drug and thecharacteristics of the patient. The different types of drugtreatment include behavioral therapy, medications, or both.Behavioral therapy is counseling, cognitive therapy, orpsychotherapy. It helps addicts cope with their problem and offersstrategies for dealing with drug cravings, avoiding drugs, andrelapse, if it happens. The best type of treatment is a combinationof treatment, and it meets the needs of the individual patient.

Through there has been many years of research,there is no drug approved for the treatment of cocaine addictionspecifically. Researchers have been working to discover new andhelpful treatments. The National Institute on Drug Abuse issponsoring human studies of 21 medicines already on the market usedfor other medicinal purposes.

Howard student, Kiarra Smothers believes,”If it works, why not-as long as no one is harmed in theprocess, and it helps people receive treatment, I don’t seeanything wrong with it.”

One drug that is being tested for cocaineaddicts is baclofen, used to treat spasms, muscle tightness inpeople with multiple sclerosis, and cramps. A researcher at theUniversity of California, Los Angeles, named Stephen Shoptaw,published a preliminary study, which proposes it can cut thecocaine use in addicts.

The flip side to using existing drugs totreating addictions is the simple fact that researchers may try andfind a pill or drug to treat everything the body goes through fromthe common cold to obesity. Many people are always looking for ashortcut to feeling better when sometimes the solution is morerest, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Although more research is needed to test outsome of these theories, drug addiction is a treatable disorder.Treatment is personalized for each patient, and they can learn tocontrol their problem and lead normal productive lives. Generally,the more treatment the better, the change does not happenovernight, it takes time and persistence.