Experts Share Tips On How to Keep a Job

The day that you walk into the office, you are ready to beginwork. However, your boss pulls you to the side and says that he/shewould like to have a conference with you: You are nervous.
Not long after the conference,you return to your desk to pack your things to leave: You have beenfired from your job.
If you are graduating fromcollege or have never had a job before, there are suggestions thatshould encourage you to approach a businessappropriately.
Jessica Yang, a writer forcareers.com, writes an article to encourage people to read up onlearning more about keeping their jobs and what to expect. Shesaid, “Employees can be laid off for various reasons, includingcorporate restructuring. Mergers and acquisitions often result inlayoffs of duplicated job functions in the combined company.Layoffs are often driven by the need for companies to operate moreefficiently.”
Barbara Cummings hasbeen working for the Federal State Department for 22 years andcurrently works in the Executive Bureau. She explains the processof laying off someone in the government.
“So many people find it veryhard to get a job with the government simply because of itsstandards and benefits. One can get laid off, if working for thegovernment, for extreme disciplinary reasons, such asignorance.”
Temp Agencies are alsoavailable to assist one for a direction in their career that theymay want to achieve. For example, if one has been laid off orfired, one can go to an outplacement agency, which will providecareer counseling and assistance in giving one a temporary orpermanent position according to one’s requests.
“Get a mentor for help in youragency to inform you of the guidelines of working there. Dressaccording to the dress code of your boss,” Cummingssaid.
Most importantly, do not bringyour personal life into the workplace. When dealing with problemsin the workplace, it is very important that one shows enthusiasm,even when one is having a bad day, she said.
Cummings explains how she hadexperienced arguments on occasion with employees. She advises thatif there is a problem in the workplace in any situation, one shouldask his boss for a time when they can talk. Make sure the time isright, and not a time when the boss is extremely busy.
Yang also said that one shouldspeak from those that have been fired. See what they have gonethrough in their particular and how they resolved theirproblems.