From Campus to Corporate Life


Stepping out of everyday college fashion and entering the worldof corporate attire can be a hard transition.  Not only do yougive up daily t-shirts and sweats, but the lack of denim in yournew wardrobe can be frightening.  Giving up your old way ofdress doesn’t have to be a nightmare; but before you cancreate an entire wardrobe devoted to a new job, you must find theappropriate outfits for those very important interviews.


At an interview, the first thing to rememberis that first impressions last a long time, so make it count. Unfortunately, people do judge you by your appearance so marketyourself in a positive manner.  Trendy and cute is not the wayto enter an office for an interview.  You should be dressedconservatively while still feeling comfortable in your ownskin. 


Don’t go overboard!  As a recentgraduate entering the work force chances are you won’t havetons of money to spend creating a work-appropriate wardrobe. Go for quality over quantity and purchase a couple of well madesuits that can carry over to any office environment.  Alsobefore making any drastic purchase, you need to know the standardway of dress for the office.  Here are a few tips on what tolook for when buying that first “interview appropriate”suit.


           Women: Aconservative two-piece suit is the only outfit acceptable, nodresses.  It should be solid navy or grey (black is alsoacceptable) with the skirt hemline hitting the knee.  Underthe suit jacket (which is always to be worn) should be aconservative long sleeved blouse, preferably white, but pastels aresometimes acceptable.  Shoes should be clean, polished, with alow heel and hosiery should match skin tone.  Make-up andperfume should be minimal, hair be pulled away from the face andthe only accessory that should be worn is a small set of earringsand a wedding ring (if applicable).  Lastly, purses are anabsolute no-no, only carry a briefcase or portfolio. 


           Men: A conservativebusiness suit with a long-sleeve white or pastel shirt is properattire. Also, a nice silk necktie with a conservative pattern isexpected.  Dark socks should be worn with dark, clean,polished shoes.  Hair should be short and neatly kept, nobeards and mustaches may also prove to be a negative.  Cologneshould be minimal and absolutely no jewelry unless it is a weddingring.  Lastly, be sure to bring a light briefcase with itemsyou may need for the interview.


If there is still some doubt as to theexpected attire be sure get a second opinion before you walk outthat door!  With the rate of employment after graduation beingat a low point, you don’t want to leave anything tochance.