Hostages Beheaded on Arab TV

US Embassy officials announced today that the body of JackHensley, a 48-year-old American contractor from Marietta, Ga. hasbeen postively identified after it was turned over to U.S.officials after it was found wrapped in a black plastic bad in theAmiriya neighborhood in Baghdad.

Officials are still unsure whether Kenneth Bigley, a 62-year-oldBritish engineer, is still alive after a video was released Sept.20 illustrating the beheading of American contractor Eugene “Jack”Armstrong.

All three men were in Iraq working for GulfSupplies and Commercial Services Co. of the United Arab Emirateswhen they were kidnapped on Thursday.

“The only way we will know if another hostagehas been killed is if another video is released from Baghdad,” saida reporter for CNN.

An Islamic militant group led by Abu MasabZargawi, a Jordanian-born militant, posted the graphic video on theInternet Monday night showing what is said to be the beheading ofArmstrong.

According to a CNN report, the militants havenot made any new demands other than what was demanded on the video:for the U.S. government to release all Muslim women from AbuGhraib, outside Baghdad and Camp Bucca, near Umm Qasr, two U.S.military jails in Iraq.  The group threatened to executeanother captive in the next 24 hours if the women are notreleased.

During a press conference earlier today,President Bush said the United States should not feel compelled tocooperate with terrorists.

“We do not negotiate with terrorists, theywill not scare us,” announced President Bush.

The video shows Armstrong blindfolded anddressed in an orange, prison-like jumpsuit seated before fivemasked men, four of which are armed with assault rifles. Behind the militants is the black-and-white banner of Zarqawi’smilitant group, which has asserted responsibility for thebeheadings of Nicholas Berg, the American contractor who wasbeheaded in May, and Kim Sun II, the South Korean driver beheadedin June.

A man identified by U.S. officials as Zargawireads a statement, draws a knife from his belt, and proceeds to sawoff Armstrong’s head.

“The fate of the first infidel was cutting offthe head before your eyes and ears,” the speaker says.  “Youhave a 24-hour opportunity.  Abide by our demand in full andrelease all the Muslim women; otherwise the head of the other willfollow this one.”