Retailers Turn to Internet Deals Amid Recession

Online Deals Help Holiday Shoppers Skip Lines, Hastle

Busy shoppers are using online retailers this Christmas to bypass long lines and out-of-stock items while also reaping some cost benefits.

Tough economic times are wearing on retailers this year as reports steadily flow in showing a grim forecast for holiday sales, but stores are fighting back by offering killer online deals.

According to a Dec. 8 posting on Walmart’s Web site, the Nintendo Wii, one of this year’s hottest selling items, will be available exclusively online for $294, plus Wii games for under $30 while supplies last.

The retail giant will also offer large price cuts on several other products such as the Garmin Nuvi 200 Pink Portable GPS, priced at $117compared to $199 on Amazon.com.

Restaurant server Richard Bridge, 22, is planning on doing online shopping due to his hectic work schedule.

“I can do all of my shopping in a couple of hours and not have to deal with the mayhem of the hustle and bustle,” Bridge said.

Retailers are offering oodles of deals by slashing shipping fees, discounting items and offering instant discounts.

Overstock.com is one the many sites offering a variety of sale on items, such as 70 percent off of all watches and site-wide free shipping.

Online auction site eBay has even gotten into the mix, offering up sizzling holiday deals with daily insider deals and auction bidding starting from $1.

EBay shopper and Certified Nurse Assistant, Michael McCarter, 25, is waiting until the last minute to purchase his Christmas gifts, “I want to make sure I can get the last minute sale prices, I don’t have a lot of money to spend this year,” McCarter said.

Kaite Oser, 24, has already purchased all of her Christmas gifts buying a majority of her gifts online and a few on “Black Friday.”

“There lines were ridiculously long the day after Thanksgiving, I didn’t feel like going through the chaos of screaming kids to buy presents this year,” Oser said. “I’m pretty satisfied with my online purchases and them being delivered on-time.”

The holiday clock is ticking, online shoppers have only a few days to purchase their orders in time for Christmas. Check your online retailer for information regarding shipping cut off dates and delivery times.