How do Mutual Friends Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday focusing on the love between two people in a relationship, but considering that the girl to guy ratio is now 2 to 1 across HBCUs, who really celebrates this holiday and how is it celebrated?

The most popular and easiest gift to exchange is a card and Kirsten Dickerson, a student at Norfolk State University, gives cards to all of friends.

“Usually, I give my guy friends and girl friends Valentine cards,” Dickerson said. “If I really like the guy, I might just give them a big hug and a card. I’ve been doing cards since I was little, so I am kind of used to it.”

Dickerson adds, “I would probably go all out for my boyfriend, if I had one.”

Kristina Thomas a student at Howard University feels that guys like it when girls give them flowers.

“Not a whole bunch, but like one or two,” Thomas said. She went on to say that a great gift idea from a guys would be “card and dinner.”

When asked how do her girl friends celebrate Valentine’s Day, she said they usually they “go out to dinner [with their boyfriends, if they have one] or we just go to special places together.”

Surprisingly young men like Montrel Woodhouse, a student at Columbus State, added that only certain lady friends get a gift depending on the kind of friendship they share.

It depends on what that ‘friend’ meant to me, he said, I mean if me and a girl were just talking, it would depend on my feelings for her or how much I wanted to impress or make an impression on her to know how far my measures would go”

For a girlfriend, Woodhouse explained a romantic night from him included a dinner for two at home in the form of a picnic, roses petals, and massages, but he would not do that much for a close friend that is a girl

“A girl who was just somebody I am with at that time, but I’m not wild about her, I would do something special and memorable, but I doubt she would get the picnic and rose petals.” Woodhouse said. You cannot go out of your way for everyone, they have to earn it and be worthy!”

Fredrick Rogers, a student at Norfolk State University, has many girl friends but he does not intend on buying gifts for any of them,

“They are not my woman so it’s not my responsibility to do anything for them on Valentine’s Day.” Rogers said.

However, he will send Valentine cards to his mother and his sister as he does each year.