D.C. United to Fall and Move to PG

The countdown begins for D.C. United to find alternative to moving team to PG County.

For the past couple of months, word has spread that the DC United soccer team will be kicking its way over to Prince George’s County, Maryland. According to the United’s official website, legislation has already been introduced and a game plan to have the team settled by 2012 is underway.

However, as of this week the PG Gazette reported that the City Council of PG county, has voted against the idea of even studying whether or not the team will have success. This is the second time the proposal has been rejected, the first time being with a 5-0 vote.

Council members are not answering to the media, but in a statement released to the Gazette, the Council made it clear that DC United has not given them enough information.

“The council has not been appropriately and sufficiently advised, consulted or engaged in discussions of the proposed stadium, state legislation or amendments,” the statement explained.

Currently, the team is playing at RFK Stadium, located in southeast D.C. The stadium opened its doors in 1961, and housed the Washington Redskins for 36 seasons. It also was home to both of Washington’s baseball teams, the Senators and Nationals, until the Nationals relocated to Nationals Park, which opened in the 2008 season.

Representatives from the United simply said that RFK stadium “cannot work for a professional sports team in the modern era.” The clock is ticking, and United has less than 60 days to propose a new location.

Aaron Coad, a PG county resident agreed that RFK is a bad stadium but does not necessarily approve of it coming in his neighborhood.

“I don’t watch soccer, so I’m not going,” Coad said. “And it may cause more traffic.”

A main factor of consideration will be having the new stadium accessible to Metro stations.