A Star in the Making

Quarterback Tyree White Prepares for College After Success at Dunbar

The quarterback of the football team is looked upon as the leader. He’s at the top of the food chain and there for a reason. A kid taking that responsibility for the Dunbar High Crimson Tide welcomes the pressure of being a leader and embraces the expectations of being a champion.

Tyree White left Archbishop Carroll after his first two years for personal reasons. White transferred to his neighborhood school, Dunbar. Tyree has definitely captured the spotlight during his two years playing for the Crimson Tide. He has led the team to two DCIAA (D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association) West titles and two Turkey Bowl appearances with a win in 2007 against H.D. Woodson.

After a tough start to this past season, losing the first five games, the Tide turned around the season winning the next six and another division crown. Tyree has earned the respect and confidence of not only his teammates but also his coaches, who believe that Tyree will make a good college football player.

“He definitely is a great quarterback and would get the offense going, if the right people are around him,” Coach Ossie White said. “At times he can be very excitable, but he is easy to calm down and listens to direction.”

With the season now at an end, Tyree is getting ready for the heavy part of the recruiting process while finishing his first semester of his senior year. While balancing his choices, Tyree is preparing to play in the East-West All-Star game this weekend.

“This has been fun so far this week,” the quarterback said of the lead-up to the all-star game. “I enjoy the practices, and I am playing with some of my friends from all the different schools. This is not only a chance for me to play against some of the best kids from D.C. public schools but also kids from the private and Catholic schools from around the D.C. area.”

The recruiting period can be a long and drawn out procedure. Phone calls, school visits from coaches and official trips all go along in the process. White seems to be embracing the experience.

“It’s going great; I enjoy being recruited,” Tyree said. “College coaches are coming by the school a lot to see how I’m doing and how my academics are doing.”

The star quarterback hasn’t let the process or the pressures of being an A-list recruit affect his work and demeanor.

“I get about five to six calls a night, but it doesn’t bother me at all,” he explained. “My grades are still good. because I study what I need to so I am ready for the next day.”

“I’m just glad they don’t text anymore ’cause I heard that used to be crazy,” Tyree said laughing. The pressure doesn’t get to me either. Coach (Craig Jefferies) tells us to stay focused, and that’s what I do.”

His mother has noticed how he has fared during this time of his life and is proud of the way he has handled it.

“He’s holding up well,” Renee White said. “He is staying very focused during this long period. This is a new beginning for the both of us, and we are just getting ready for the next level.”

Tyree didn’t make any unofficial visits, in which a prospect pays his way to tour campuses. The Northeast D.C. native is eager to go on his official visits, which are paid for by schools, starting next month at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

“I have four visits scheduled in the next two months,” he said. “The first is at Indiana (Pa). I also have visits scheduled at Howard University, Stony Brook and Southeast Missouri State.”

The four schools have been recruiting Tyree the hardest, and he is looking forward to visiting the universities and interacting with every one.

“The things I looked forward to the most during my visits is how I will interact with all the coaches and players,” he stated. “I want to see how the campus life is and how the team is.”

Howard is on the top of his list right now, and the collegiate prospect would love to stay at home to play football where a member of his family has played.

“I would have to say that Howard is on the top of my list,” Tyree said. “It would be great to play in front of my family and friends at Howard. They wouldn’t have far to travel. My uncle played for Howard, and I remember attending the games and becoming interested in the team.”

Tyree’s mother will help with the decision-making, but really just wants Tyree to find a school that is perfect for him.

“The decision on what school he will go to will be up to the both of us but it is mainly his decision,” White said. “His grades can get him into any college, but I just hope he finds a school that fits his needs.”

Tyree agrees with his mom. “I am just looking for the school with the right fit for me,” he said. “I plan on majoring in sociology so I am looking for a school with a good program that I can succeed in. I will be looking at the football program also, but focusing heavy on the academics.”

With the recruiting process starting to speed up with the end of high school football seasons, Tyree wants to take his visits and hopefully make his decision before signing day, which is Feb. 4, 2009. Tyree will take his first visit on Dec. 17 to Indiana and his last trip on Jan. 29, 2009, to Southeast Missouri State. The star quarterback’s first all-star game will be this Saturday at Eastern High School.

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