Fashion in “The Society”

In today’s society it is all about looking the part. Whether you are going to work or spending a night out on the town with your friends, you always want to look your best.

Howard University students Jerrod Collins and Ronald Johnson are partners in “The Society,” a Lifestyle management firm that provides services that are key to the clients’ lifestyle enhancement. Their sole purpose is to introduce as many affordable lifestyle options imaginable. These two students are mixing their backgrounds in fashion and business to get this company off the ground and running.

“A lot of people just treat fashion as clothes and not as an actual expression, but we want to bring both of them together,” said Collins. “People are trying to do different things with their lifestyles, especially in these economic times, so we decided to come up with something different to help them.”

The Society will be used as a one on one consultation. They will address their clients’ current state in life and where they see their life going.

“If you look good, you feel good, we really want to make people aware of how important fashion really is.”

The Society will cater to any and everybody but the age range they established for clientele is 21 to 35.

“We are definitely not going to discriminate, whether you are a mother who has two kids and wants a new look or a kid who just graduated from college, we want to be there to help you.” said Collins.

Howard student Brittany Sims has been styled by Collins before, and always goes back for advice.

“It was no problem for me to come to Jerrod for help because we are friends,” said Sims. “I really listen to him when it comes to picking out an outfit for a formal event, he always knows what goes together and he pays close attention to detail.” Although they are young, these two business partners have great expectations for the future. In five years, they see The Society developing into the real life version of “What Not to Wear,” with a nationwide buzz around their company.

“We want to be able to reach out to people who are already established in the industry to help us out and be a bridge between us and more clients.” said Johnson.

With a recent launch party and a budding client list, these two young entrepreneurs seem to be well on their way to achieving their goal in making the world more fashion conscious.

To contact The Society you can email them at www.thesocietylifestyle.com and in May they will be launching their own blog.