Free Guide on Avoiding Roommate Horror Stories

You are probably filling out the forms for student housing soon.What can you expect from your next college roommate? Will you wakeup with blue hair or freshly baked cookies? Will your roommate beyour best friend or your worst nightmare? That depends on how youfill out the college roommate quiz and how you get along with yournew roomie. CollegeSafe.com introduces a free guide on survivingcollege roommates available at www.CollegeSafe.com/roomie.htm.
You can`t choose your parents and you can`t choose your brothers orsisters, but you can take steps to get good roommates. When you`refilling out the roommate quiz, be honest and maybe even exaggeratea bit on the things that are important to you. Be yourself. Forgetabout trying to act cool, the people reading it couldn’t careless. For example, if you are a person that likes order and getsstressed when things are messy, then say that you are a neat freakand don`t they dare match you with a slob or you`ll go postal.
On the other hand, if you use your floor as your laundry basket andwash the dishes one at a time from the big pile in the sink onlywhen you need one, then don`t put down that cleanliness isimportant to you. You might be hoping to get paired up with someonewho is a real neat freak so that they will do all the cleaning andyou can slide by without doing much, but this will only causeproblems in the long run. You are likely to find the underwear thatyou left in the living room slowly burning in a pile outside or inthe middle of your bed. Or you`ll wake up with a new hair cut yourroommate was kind enough to give you while you were sleeping. It isnot a good idea to upset someone that has access to the food youeat and that can come in and do what they want to you while you aresleeping.
Roommates in the past have done some cruel and vicious things. Ifyou want to sleep well at night, try to get along with yourroommate.
Some of the things roommates have done include:
* Used their roommate`s toothbrush as a toilet brush and then putit back un-rinsed.
* Spit in their food or emptied used condoms in their food.
* Gone to the bathroom in their cologne or their body spray (itgives new meaning to ”Eau de toilette”).
* Cut their hair while they were sleeping.
* Set up web cams and hidden camera to spy on theirroommate’s intimate moments.
* Used their email accounts to send harassing emails toteachers.
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