Kobe Sets a Record for the NBA

The NBA has been under some scrutiny over that past year with the infamous stand infiltration by Ron Artest, and with the controversy over the new dress code, with all that debate the NBA was in need of favorable publicity.

Kobe Bryant the NBAs once golden boy has brought good news to water coolers around the nation with his awe inspiring 81 points in the Lakers’ 122-104 win over the Toronto Raptors at Staples Center.

He made 28 of 46 shots – including seven of 13 three-pointers. Bryant became only the second player to top a 80-point scoring game, under Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game some 44 years ago.

"This is something that just happened," Kobe told ESPN. "It is tough to explain. It is just one of those things.”This is a truly remarkable accomplishment, yet some peers and critics are still fault-finding of the NBA star.

Vince Carter critiques Bryant saying his acts on the floor are selfish and bad for kids watching the game. However, Kobe is truly great he has averaged 44.5 points in 10 games this month in leading the Lakers to a 7-3 record. He is averaging an NBA-best 35.9 points this season.

When asked about being compared to who some say is the greatest basketball player ever-Michael Jordan-Kobe says, "Michael is probably the greatest player of all time. It’s not fair to compare me, or LeBron or whoever comes along to him. We can’t be compared to them. We’re not from their era. I think people should just sit back and enjoy what we do."

Regardless of the criticism of peers, Kobe has full support of those close to him. Lakers coach Phil Jackson expressed a sentiment, saying: "A team has to have some sense of balance."Jackson said he had no problem whatsoever with Bryant dominating the action the way he did against the Raptors."If you were there at the game, I think everybody understands how we won," Jackson said. "He got into a rhythm – it was just a landslide."