Local Theater Reopens with a Contemporary Spin to American History

Tony Nominated Musical “The Civil War” has been revamped for the reopening of the new Ford’s Theater.

“It’s not a reenactment,” says Director Jeff Calhoun. ” It’s really more of a musical landscape of the emotions that husbands, wives, and families felt during that time as seen through contemporary eyes.”

While the score draws from typical American musical genres of rock, country, gospel, folk, and rhythm and blues, the song-cycle is inspired by the words and lives of Walt Whitman, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Janet Mckendrick is a regular patron to the Ford’s Theater who was pleasantly surprised with the production. “There are no real distinct characters. Just stories. You have the Confederate soldier, the union soldier, the widow, and the slave all of which are woven into a full scale production and told through song.”

The production is staged, as a concert would be, with a full-scale band center stage, a rotating platform. The cast includes Hal Holbrook contributing as the pre-recorded voice of Abraham Lincoln and a few members of the original Broadway cast; such as Michael Lanning.

Performances of “The Civil War” can be seen at Ford’s Theater until May 24. For more information on ticket availability and rates contact Ford’s Theater, 202-347-4833. Tickets are also available through Ticketmaster; online at www.ticketmaster.com or call 202-397-7328.