Racial Profiling a Problem for Texas Minorities

Data compiled from more than 1,000 law enforcement departments show wide disparities between minority and White motorists who are stopped and searched by Texas police, according to blackamericaweb.com.

“I’m enormously saddened that in 2005, we haven’t reached an understanding about the disproportionate impact of racial profiling,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) told blackamericaweb.com.

Jackson Lee feels that racial profiling by Texas police is a major problem. Withholding the state’s federal transportation funding may be a possible remedy, Jackson Lee said.

“There are other ways to punish police departments whose officers target Black and Latino drivers,” Rassii Elliott said, who is against withholding the state’s federal transportation funding.

Elliott, a native of Houston, said that withholding the federal funding would take away funds from the entire state of Texas, punishing those police departments whose officers are fair and impartial to minority drivers.

“I’ve been stopped by police before,” said Elliott, a senior at Howard University. “But it mostly happens in east Texas more so than in big cities such as Dallas and Houston.”

According to blackamericaweb.com Jackson Lee said sanctions against Texas should be applied if law enforcement officials don’t correct the problem of racial profiling soon.Senior biology major, Tunicia Walker, agrees.

“There are racist cops everywhere and should be dealt with appropriately,” said Walker.

“The funds should be taken away and sanctions should be instituted to ensure that these types of problems don’t happen in the future.”

A native of Atlanta, Walker said she and her friends have been stopped by police due to the type of car they were driving.

"Clayton County police is the worst and is definitely guilty of racial profiling,” Walker said. “If your car has tinted windows or big rims, you will more than likely get stopped by an officer."