RNC Ends as Bush Continues on Campaign Trail

The Bush-Cheney team left Manhattan Friday morning with feelingsof optimism and hope.  For the first time since April, pollsshow that 49 percent of Americans prefer Bush while only 45 percentplan to vote for the Democratic ticket on November 2, theWashington Times reported.


From the Hispanic delegates who presentedtheir nomination of Bush on the Fox network to the African Americanwoman who opened the convention with a gospel-inspired vocalperformance, the aims of the Republican Party are clear.  GETTHE MINORITY VOTE.


Most of the speakers featured during theconvention and delegates interviewed on Fox and other networks didnot reflect the true make-up of the Republican Party. Only 9.8percent of the delegates are African American compared to the 83percent White majority.


In his speech yesterday evening, PresidentBush claimed he is “running with a compassionate conservativephilosophy: that government should help people improve their lives,not try to run their lives.”


He plans to institute a number of programsupon election that will aid Americans in areas such as jobtraining, education and healthcare, which some critics saycontradict his so-called conservative philosophy.  No new taxcuts were proposed by the President, however, he does plan torefurbish the tax code.


In his race for President, Bush charged that”Nothing will hold us back,” and recent attempts to dispel theBlack vote throughout the country make some wonder whether theupcoming election process will reflect the Florida vote blunder of2001.


Demonstrations against the conventioncontinued through Thursday and approximately 1,700 arrests weremade throughout the week.  Not In Our Name, an anti-war group,Amnesty International, ANSWER Coalition and Code Pink, a women’santi-war group were among the thousands who joined the massesoutside Madison Square Garden.  One protestor, who was removedby authorities, went as far as interrupting Bush’s speech lastnight with an outburst.


The Bush team headed for Pennsylvania tocontinue their campaign shortly after the conclusion of theconvention.