Classes at FAMU Canceled as Frances Runs Rampant

As Florida residents struggle to restore their homes and findpeace of mind in the midst of the storm, students and faculty atFlorida A&M University (FAMU) enjoy a day off from school toprepare for Hurricane Frances, as she makes her way towards Georgiaafter destroying homes and businesses throughout Florida.


The university’s main campus, College of Lawin Orlando and Panama City Branch Campus will all remain closedwhile the University Cafeteria will open, for limited hours for thebenefit of students living on campus. 


After waiting in Nashville, Tennessee after afootball game in Champaign, Illinois due to weather conditions, the”Marching 100,” University Band is expected to arrivesafely in Tallahassee by 7 p.m., the school’s main websitereports.


Over 2 million Florida residents are withoutelectricity, water, and food after Hurricane Frances hit Tuesday,causing at least 14 deaths in Florida and Georgia.  InGeorgia, where up to a foot of rain fell, more than 500,000 homesand businesses suffered from the storm’s after-effect and theGeorgia Emergency Management Agency was even running on generators,reported USAToday.com.


As they wait anxiously for news aboutHurricane Ivan, the fifth of this season’s storms, residentsanticipate relief from the Federal Emergency Management Agency,which will distribute 1.5 million gallons of water and 1 millionmeals to those who lost homes in the storm, says USAToday.com.


State officials in Georgia are discouragingtravel to points South of Tallahassee and Panama City. Students can call 1-877-FAM-NEWS to get up to date information onthe University schedule for the remainder of the week.