Schiavo Parents Still Fighting Despite Court Refusals

After more than a week of battling to get their daughter, Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube reinserted, Mary and Bob Schindler have not stopped fighting.

Although the Schindlers only have a few legal options left, they have filed an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court—the same court who declined the case on Thursday according to CNN.

This is one of the last legal attempts the Schindler’s can make. They have already lost more than two dozen legal options in both state and federal courts according to CNN.

Although the Schindler’s continue to fight, their lawyer, George Felos said it might be time to throw in the towel.

“I would hope that the parents’ side realize that any further legal action will be futile,” said Felos to CNN. “We can understand their desperate efforts in this case. But I would hope that at some point, they leave that behind and begin to cope with this on a more personal level."

Whether or not Americans believe it is time for the Schindlers to stop pursuing more legal action and instead handle it privately, some college students believe that it is time for Schindlers to say goodbye to their beloved daughter.

“It’s been 15 years since she’s been eating from a tube,” said Daniel Meely, a student at Georgia Tech. “ It’s time for her parents to let go. This is almost a lost cause after 15 years. There needs to be some type of closure.”

Other students believe that the question is not whether after 15 years she should live or die, but who really knows what Schiavo wanted without a written document expressing her wishes. And because of the uncertainty, some say it is good that the government got involved.

“I think it’s ok that the government got involved because there is no proof that she said she wanted to die,” said Chizoba Udeorji, a student at Howard University.