In January 2009, 5 students came together to form a musical group. Known for their creative title Group Without a Name, they began recording and received positive feedback from many on Howard’s Campus.  The group consists of vocalist Isaac Bell, music composition major, vocalist Shacara Rogers, jazz studies major, saxophonist, Ashton Vines, jazz studies major, pianist, Kayla Waters, piano performance major, and percussionist, Justin Jay Frazier, audio production major.


The group began practicing in the basement of fine arts producing their first single “Summertime.” Almost 3 years and one album later, the group has produced another single titled “Shutup” along with its newest member bass player, Eliot Seppa jazz studies major.


According to the founder of the group Isaac Bell “Shutup” is “a story about two lovers who aren’t sure if they should take their relationship to a deep level of commitment.  But instead of worrying, they tell each other to shut up and just do it. Actions speak volumes.  Essentially what we are saying is walking beats talking any day. With love, life, opportunities, school, whatever, you can talk all you want but until you shut up and do, rarely will you receive anything worth having.”  


Lead vocalist Shacara Rogers is very excited for the group’s future. “It’s been great.” Rogers said. “It’s not easy being in a 6 member group. But nonetheless it has been successful so far. I’m proud of the new single and excited to release the next album.”


From performing at campus events, to weddings, to performing at Homecoming for Yardfest 2010, GWN has been working together to create music that will make everyone happy. The group is working on a new project for the spring, pushing towards getting signed, and would like to start touring soon. But first and foremost on their list is graduating and earning their degrees. “Shutup” and more of GWN’s music can be downloaded at gwnmusic.bandcamp.com and iTunes.com