Why I Marched

Echoes From Black Monday, Dec. 6, 2006

Howard University students share why they marched to the U.S. Supreme Court as justices heard challenges to voluntary segregation plans in Kentucky and Washington State:

“I’m marching for my children and their future.”–Riana Goodman, freshman chemistry major

“I’m marching because I want to be a part of the possibly biggest movement of my generation.”–Mary Edwards, junior nursing major

“I’m marching so that those who marched during the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have done so in vain.”–Gary Lewis, sophomore political science major

“I’m marching because I feel we take too much for granted. Also because I know those who fought on our behalf would be turning in their graves if Howard students didn’t march.”–Alicia Aponte, freshman Spanish major

“I’m marching because we can’t go back to segregation. If we do that?s only a step back for our race.”–Donald Farley, junior legal communications major

“I’m marching to honor the legacy of Thurgood Marshall.”–Mya Johnson, sophomore finance major

“I’m marching because I’m tired of hearing people say Howard students aren’t active.”–Terrence Robinson, senior television and film major

“I’m marching because Brown vs. the Board of Education changed our lives for the better.”–Jackie Dorset, freshman pre-pharmacy major

“I’m marching because I can’t believe this is happening. The Supreme Court is hearing a case that could overturn Brown vs. Board of Education- something has to be done.”–Imani Peterson, sophomore computer science major