Carolina Kitchen Owner Opens Burger Joint

TK Burgers Launches at Rhode Island Row


TK Burgers in NE DC

Carolina Kitchen owner Lance London enters burger market with TK Burgers. 


DC-based restaurateur Lance London, owner of the southern food Carolina Kitchen eateries, will open his latest venture, TKO Burger this month next door to his Carolina Kitchen at Rhode Island Row in Northeast Washington.

“Hopefully the snow won’t set us back,” said London who has been planning to launch the restaurant’s opening for several months only to be delayed by legal hassles and the D.C. area’s snowing winter.

TKO, which stands for “Total Knockout,” will have a boxing themed décor with nods to former heavyweight champions Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali as well as boxing equipment such as speed bags and punching bags. There will also be 20-person community seating, drinks and a variety of viewing options for sports and boxing fans.

But the burger restaurant’s aesthetic and concept differs from London’s successful Carolina Kitchen restaurants.

“The concept is country burgers,” London said.

The TKO menu will differ from Carolina Kitchen by specializing in unique burgers including a macaroni-and-cheeseburger, a salmon burger, and a  fried chicken burger in addition to substantial vegetarian options. The menu will also include “picnic-style” side dishes like potato salad, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob and a slew of specialty flavored milkshakes like sweet potato and fresh lemonade prepared on-site.

“I wanted to get into burgers, because the burger industry is blossoming around the country. It’s an $80 billion  industry,” said London. “We’re working hard to make the best burger in America and satisfy all kinds of taste buds.”