A Fashion Reality Check For Those Who “Think” They Have Style

Howard University is a melting pot of trends, styles, andfashion on both a national and international level. Students fromdifferent lifestyles come to the “Mecca,” displaying theircreativity and individual style with the intention to stand out andmake a statement.

However, I have recently noticed some awkwardadaptations to many of today’s popular fashion trends.  Somestudents on campus try extremely hard to emulate creations they seecelebrities finessing. However, what my wretched HU colleagues failto realize is that the “simplest” outfit Beyonce isspotted rocking during an afternoon of celebrity shopping in SoHo,took hours of thought, discussion and styling by professionals whoseriously understand fashion!

This is not to say that students are notcapable of dressing chic and should ignore what’s happeningon the red carpet and amongst their favorite fashion moguls. Staying abreast of what’s going on is key!  But,what I am contesting is the collective lack of effort students havesuddenly neglected, when it comes to possessing a distinctivestyle.

It’s absurd for individuals to believe thatjust because they find the knock off rendition of what admirableentertainers and fashion gurus stunningly parade in at stores like”Forever 21″ or “LVLX,” they can purchasethese items, wear them on campus and confidently believe they havestyle. Wake up people, you can’t be serious! 

 Style is andindividual quality that is unique from person to person. Its thatspecial something individuals possess, which creatively enablesthem to express who they are; unfortunately few on campus havefound it and most will spend the remainder of their lives searchingfor it, especially if they continue to fall victim to capitalisticfads and fashion trends. 

For example, I was on the yard andconveniently crossed paths with three pathetically dressed femaleswho were in dire need of salvation. These poor souls thought theywere “popped” in 80’s punk, but instead lookedlike retarded new millennium versions of Vanity 6.

Mixing stripes and polka dots, over killing itwith accessories, and just reflecting an overall visual displaythat was not attractive; there outfits were tacky and lackedauthenticity.  

Students need to stop purchasing items justbecause they are “in style,” and look for colors thatcompliment there complexion; textures that flatter their shape,cuts that enhance their appearance and finally styles that makethem look good.

In the long run, wise purchases can carry youfrom season to season where as impulse, uncomplimentary buys lastyou a couple of weeks and will constantly have you in the mallspending money you really don’t have.  

 The onlyreal advice I can offer to those who are still on a journey todiscover there individual sense of style, is to be real withyourself. Make consistent purchases, follow fashion and only adaptto trends that are right for you.