A New Way to “Cary” Your Pills

CaryRx is a new pharmacy service combining technology and medicine for the betterment of patients in the community.

By Tia Lowe, Howard University News Service

Technology meets medicine once again with CaryRx; an almost 2-year-old app created to heighten patients’ pharmacy experience.

A 2011 graduate from the University of Maryland, Areo Nazari is one of the co-founders of CaryRx.

“I saw an opportunity to improve patients’ experience… I worked with friends who were developers and engineers to create the app,” said Nazari. The business and the app were all created in tandem. “People expect everything on demand. The mobile experience is necessary this day and age,” said Kevin Lance co-founder of CaryRx.

Since August 2017, the use of the app has been positively gradual, said Nazari. The app works similar to apps that let you order food. Doctors can send prescriptions directly to CaryRx and patients can order prescriptions through the app. The app also offers patients the ability to transfer other prescriptions from other pharmacies.

After ordering prescriptions through the app, patients are given options of delivery. Express Delivery is usually same-day delivery in a 30-minute time span. Users can contact and track drivers en route to their homes. When the driver arrives, patients are notified of their arrival. “I’d say we have a mix of patients ranging from their 20s to 80s… we originally thought that we’d have a lot of millennials,” said Nazari.

Technology has a reputation of not always being reliable, but that isn’t an issue for the CaryRx app the developers say. “Educating patients that this is a possible service is something that we are working on,” said Lance. CaryRx is the first of its kind in the D.C. community, “I’m excited to ramp-up marketing. One of my favorite things is seeing results from our advertisements,” said Lance.

The last year has been consistent for CaryRx. “We have made substantial growth and plan to make it the first pharmacy patients think of at the doctor’s office, said Nazari. If you really do just prefer the old-fashioned way of picking up your medicine, CaryRx has a building located in the heart of D.C. at 1300 7th St NW. After you meet the inventors behind the app, you may change your mind.