Takoma Park’s Helping Hand for the Environment

The city council of Takoma Park, Md., is encouraging residents to turn their community into a more environmentally friendly area.

After recent rainstorms, Takoma Park set up weekly collection services to pick up storm debris such as grass, leaves, brush and tree branches. These organic items can be beneficial for re-planting, gardening and composting.

The neighborhood will also have a “Car Free Day” on Thursday, Sept. 22. The event is intended to encourage sustainable transportation. Residents are encouraged to go car-free or “car-lite.” People can ride their bicycles, walk, telework, participate in car and van pools  or take public transportation. 

New exhibits in the galleries at the Takoma Park community center also encourage residents to stop global warming and protect the environment. Local artist Seleshi Feseha has created paintings provide methods in which people can protect the planet. Feseha also uses a “thread on canvas” approach for his artwork, which serves as an alternative to chemical-laden oil paints.

The city council has two separate committees to provide a better environment for Takoma Park. The Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee and the Tree Commission meet once every month to come up with ways in which they can do their part.

The council has also authorized the contracting of solar panels. Under the contract, Solar Solution, LLC  will “install, maintain and own the solar panels” in exchange for the city’s purchase of generated electricity.

With aging trees across the Takoma Park area, the city has allowed residents to purchase new trees to plant at a discounted price. A $100 discount is provided for one tree for each property owner. The total cost for one tree would be reduced to $100.70 including sales tax. If a property owner decides to plant a second tree, the total would be $307.40 including installation and a one-year guarantee.