50 Cent Releases a Video Game

    Explosive gunfire, blazing hip-hop melodies, intense graphics, and mature content-welcome to virtual reality. Vivendi Universal Games (VU) announced the release of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s, new virtual reality game entitled "50 Cent: Bulletproof."

     This game explores Jackson’s escapade with the grimy realities of New York’s inner city. Bulletproof introduces the reality of Jackson’s life. He was shot nine times and left for dead, with that; he emerges, in this virtual setting, from the grips of death and sets out on a bloody path for revenge.

    50 Cent works with the G-Unit entourage: Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo. Bulletproof shows the voyage as they rampage through the city, taking on the most powerful and prominent gangs and crime lords of the city, which leads to them, uncovering a criminal conspiracy with international implication.

     According to Chris Roper, writer for the IGN Newswire, an Xbox conglomerate, the game’s presentation aspects are excellent. But conversely, he admits that much of Bulletproof’s actual game play elements and mechanics fall flat, riddled with the "been there, done that but better" syndrome. And worse, he admits some of its aspects can be rather frustrating.

    Howard University student, Bradley Wete, said among his circle of friends and fellow gamers, the overall consensus on the game is that the theme of 50 Cent’s life is better portrayed in the virtual realm than in the previously released motion picture Get Rich or Die Trying. Wete said that ”the story is more graphic in the video game.”

    Bulletproof features 25 counter-kill moves to take down your enemy, a massive stash of weapons to use for combat including heaters and launchers, and gamers are also able to use their enemies as a shield, extract vital information, and steal valuables from their enemies. Players are urged to use strategic tactics to dodge bullets, and ultimately they are able to compete for bragging rights.

    This game comes complete with 4 full CD’s worth of 50 cent and G-Unit songs including new and exclusive tracks and remixes from 50, over a dozen 50 cent and G-Unit music videos and customizable playlists.

     This vivid urban pursuit was written by Emmy award winning executive producer Terry Winter of the hit show The Sopranos. It features hip-hop moguls Eminem and Dr. Dre as Detective McVicar and street wise veteran Grizz. Bulletproof has a website completed with game trailers, screenshots, and video clips which link 50 Cent’s movie with the game. Be warned, you must be 18 years old with a valid date of birth to enter the site!