Howard Denounces Fake Email Sent to Students

WASHINGTON  Howard University has launched an investigation into a fake email that was sent to the student body on August 23 that accused several individuals and organizations of involvement in sexual assault.

A copy of the fake email sent on August 23- Howard University News Service

The email, which was sent from a fake Office of University Communications email address, was released to the student body, denouncing a list that allegedly circulated across social media.

The list from Aug. 4 contained names and organizations who are accused of committing or being associated with sexual assault.

“This email offense is of great concern and we are taking this matter very seriously,” The Office of University Communications said in today’s emailed statement. “Official university correspondence is always distributed from ouc@howard.edu.”

The Howard University Student Association (HUSA) confirmed the email and the address were fake, last night via Twitter.

A representative who spoke to Howard University News Service believes the fake email raises several concerns.

“I think this raises a lot of issues, not just misinformation and how it really offended students, but also security issues,” HUSA told Howard University News Service.

“How can someone get access to so many of our students’ emails?” HUSA said that it’s working with Howard’s administration to ensure the safety of its students.

The list and fake email are the most recent sexual assault issues on Howard’s campus. In May, students held a rally against sexual assault and the accusations from various incidents from 2014, 2015, and 2016, that were allegedly ignored.