Girls belong at the table at this D.C. PR firm

Nestled right in the middle of Georgetown, behind a skincare store and a children’s boutique there’s a door that reads “TAA PR." If you aren’t looking for it, you’ll certainly miss it.  But, what you won’t miss is the agencies work.

When she walks into the room you know exactly who she is. It’s clear from her demeanor that she is the boss. Aba Kwawu of TAA PR is a woman who personifies the meaning of a true self-made executive.  

In 2002 Kwawu took the leap of faith and decided to pursue her dream of starting her own company.  For the past 15 years, the agency (formally known as the Aba Agency) has worked to evolve, nurture and maintain relationships with companies throughout the DMV.

With an impressive list of clientele including Tysons Galleria, North End Shaw, the Ritz Carlton, and Lauduree, this mom of two certainly has her hands full at home and at work.

So what’s so special about the high-end boutique PR agency? “Everyone who works here is a woman,” says Kwawu. “I did that on purpose, there’s something about girl power that I love…plus each girl is different and we have a diverse group of ladies here”. 

“There are times when I get overwhelmed,” Kwawu admits but, there’s a reason she won't quit.  “My kids, they’re so important to me and it’s important for me to show them the importance of hard work, especially my daughter.” 

In a world that is white male dominated Kwawu works tirelessly, daily to ensure her daughter sees her success as an African American woman.

 “It’s a true dream.  When I started the company I didn’t realize it would take off in the way it has” says Kwawu.  “But, at the same time, I did.  I work hard and I’m a stickler for making things right not only for my clients but for myself.”

While the world is run by men, the women of TAA PR continue to prove that they too deserve a seat at the table.  “There are certainly people who doubt us but, we continue to prove with our work that we really are that good.”