Jay-Z Sued for the Dynasty Sign


             Jay-Z and the Rocafella Records label have coined the slogan “It’s the Roc,” which they proudly shout in songs and at performances.  Along with the slogan comes the Rocafella Dynasty sign-two hands placed together to form a diamond.

            Other people including wrestler Diamond Dallas Page share the same sign but his known as the “Diamond Cutter.”

            Page is apparently upset about the ordeal and has filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z for unlawfully using his sign, according to AllHiphop.com. Page says he introduced his “Diamond Cutter” sign on the WCW’s (World Champion Wrestling) weekly Nitro and Thunder programs, according to the article. He trademarked the sign in 1996 and has used it for several entertainment ventures.

            Jay-Z has used the sign on many of his own commercial ventures including the cover of his “Fade to Black” album and the cover of “Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000.”

            The wrestler, who uses the sign on the cover of his new book "Yoga for Regular Guys," says he used the symbol on monthly pay-per view events, WCW live events, and media appearances, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, according to AllHiphop.com.

            “That’s absurd,” says Ahmad Makil, a junior at Howard University.  “That man is a has-been and he’s just mad that Jay is making more money than he is.”  Makil thinks people are going overboard with the lawsuits these days
            Carinne Daniels, a senior at Bowie State is on Page’s side.  “Many of us don’t do our homework with stuff like that.  Jay-Z needs to pay up if this man really got a copyright,” she said.  “It was strategic for him to wait this long to sue too,” Daniels said.

            The court proceedings are not yet underway, but Jay-Z will soon have to face the angry wrestler head to head in a different kind of battle.