A Different Kind of Brotherhood


With the negative stereotypes and images of black men, many college students have founded different organizations on their campuses that focus on African American men being more responsible, independent, graduating on time, and setting better examples.  They focus on creating a strong brotherhood that will grow and help many. No these organizations are not apart of Divine 9. These are organizations that represent a different kind of brotherhood. 


Progressive Black Men (PBMounded on November 27, 1989 by 12 summer enrichment program students who would become Florida state university students in the fall.  Senior Political Science Major, Orville “Audi” Aiken, founded Howard’s chapter in the fall of 2008. “The purpose of PBM is to eliminate the negative stereotypes placed on African American male with the principles of: academic excellence, communal support, and fellowship of brothers. Steven Johnson a senior Chemistry major, was recruited to be on the charter line on 2008. ” I was interested because I was not happy with the negative light in which African American men are portrayed” Johnson said.  ” I was interested in making a real difference in the community, and finally PBM offer not only a network of support for me but a brotherhood of young men with ambitious goals of betterment. ” PBM contributed to Howard’s campus by holding numerous community service projects and forums that focus on black men.


Another organization focusing on the betterment of black men is called Black Men’s Initiative. Founded on George Washington University’s campus. Junior Engineering major Uchenne Nwokike joined his freshman year. “BMI is a black male retention initiative at GWU to make sure the men you enter your freshman year with, you graduate with” Uchenna stated. “Its a very encouraging group pushing black men to do well in school and finish on time with their degree.” These groups are focused on encouraging Black men to do and to be better. It helps build resumes and many of those already in the organizations are involved on campus and do well in school.  Steven Johnson and Uchenna Nwokike are just 2 of the many who are in these organizations to make a difference.