A Festive Collective Gathers For Adams Morgan Day

Festivities draw people from around the world to celebrate culture

Patrons came out in abundance for the 31st Annual Adams Morgan Day, Sunday to enjoy a day of family, fun, food and finance.

Sparkling jewelry, fashionable clothes and international food drew customers of various backgrounds in by the dozens.

“Every time I come to one of these things, I see more and more people of different backgrounds. I love it,” said Margaret Hamilton as she continued to push her two year-old daughter in a stroller. Hamilton is a ten-year resident of Adams Morgan.

Aunt Iffy, owner of the Aunt Iffy’s Kitchen stand, lured in hungry passersby with the smells of Caribbean and African cuisine. Originally from Nigeria, Sunday marked her 25th year of service at Adams Morgan Day.

“The customers I have are everybody from across the board, no one group,” said Iffy, who was happy to serve those, willing to taste. “I have been very successful every year,” she added.

The smells of roasting food, children playing, and laughter on 18th Street made Sharon Wong smile.

Wong’s Human Rights Campaign stand was located directly in the middle of the festivities. Her organization specifically focuses on working toward fair and equal rights for the homosexual and transgendered community.

At the end of the block, the sounds of the live band, Throwing Seasons started to fade as patrons sat on the sidewalks eating and conversing.

“I just moved to Maryland from Jamaica about three years ago,” said Delroy Mitchell. “The smell of the food on the grill reminds me of home,” he added. “I love this time of year.”