A Student’s Perspective on Presidential Election 2004

It is election day and I am sitting in a chair with the computer in my lap watching a displayed TV. I have to continually switch internet connections between a wireless connection and a Ethernet port. I visit a local precinct trying to get the reactions of people and their true views on voting.

Before today’s votes are counted some things should be stated.

Every American citizen has the right to vote in this election. You do not have the right to see the man of your choice in the White House though.

If George W. Bush wins the election, the world will continue on this never ending world wind of destruction and nothing will change. If John Kerry wins the election, America will still be America.

These were the things that many voters had to say.

“I am going to vote because it has been so hyped up, but I honestly don’t think the person I want to win, Kerry, will win. People vote and come out, but not more than Bush supporters,” said Jenna Hearn.

Another voter had this to say, “My ancestors fought and fought some more just for the right to vote, so if for nothing else, for them I am voting. Of course I feel the administration that America is currently under is reckless and not intelligent, but they are on the same level as many Americans,” said Chloe Hogg.

A huge fear for many Kerry supporters was his affluence, intelligence, and “liberal “views.

“The fact is, both he and Bush are wealthy, they both went to Yale, and are in the same organizations, but Bush speaks on a more “common” level because he is a common guy. That is what I think will set him over the top” says Professor Jeff Davis.

Whatever the outcome may be, one thing is true, America deserves an honest and fair president, and right now America has neither.