Antonio Davis Enters Stands at Bulls Game


New York Knicks forward Antonio Davis was suspended five games for entering the stands during a loss to the Bulls in Chicago on Wednesday (Jan. 18).


David attributes his stand-entry to his wife, Kendra who has been dealing with threats by an allegedly inebriated fan.  "I felt I had to act," Davis said after the 106-104 overtime loss.  "There was not enough time for me to alert security."


Davis’ five game suspension will get underway when the Knicks play Detroit, he will resume play January 30 when the Knicks met the Hawks if he is eligible.


It is no surprise that the NBA took such drastic measures against Davis after last season’s brawl involving Pacers players Ron Artest, Jermaine O’Neal, and Stephen Jackson.  Their participation in the battle, which took place in Detroit, cost Artest the protagonist a 73-game suspension for entering the stands to confront a fan.


Davis will lose about $153,000 for each game missed, based on a $13.8 million salary.  He is averaging five points and 4.8 rebounds in 35 games this season.


"Under no circumstances should players enter the stands, however, a 5 game suspension is a bet excessive," said Justin Aiken, a first year law Student at George Washington University


"The lack of security and the extenuating circumstance all play a part in this situation David Stern, commissioner of the NBA was so concerned with enforcing a dress code to the players, yet when it comes to important issues such as safety the NBA is lacking," Aiken continued.


No punches were thrown during this incident.  The fan involved in the incident said he was not drunk and that will sue Davis and his wife for $1 million.