Apple Releases Two New iPod Models; Now Stands at the Top of the Game

With the new release of Apple’s new iPod player, music junkies will be scrambling to the nearest Best Buy to get their fix on the hottest gadget to hit stores in a long time.

Apple released two new models, the 30GB and 60GB, which feature a high-resolution color screen, hold between 7,500 and 15,000 songs, and hold up to 25,000 digital photos.

Compared to other MP3 players, the iPod is equal in ability, but among the pop culture generation the iPod has been crowned the king among MP3 players.

“The style is so hot…no other manufacturer has the color version,” said Nailah Banks, a senior public relations major.

iPod users like Banks are thrilled at the possibility of getting their hands on the latest technology.

Banks said that she can’t wait to receive her new iPod, which she just ordered a couple of days ago to play with the new features, especially the color screen.

Music lovers like Erica Williams love the size and storage space that make the iPod very versatile.

Williams said that she has a lot of music and wants the convenience of not having to carry around so many CD’s.

Commenting on the iPods versatility, Marques Grumpy, an iPod owner, said that when you’re in the gym working out the iPod is ideal because it’s so small it can attach to your hip and you can forget it’s there.

Others like Zachary Kenworthy, a senior print journalism major, appeal to the iPods user-friendly configuration.

Kenworthy said that out of all the MP3 players he has used the iPod is the easiest to navigate and find songs quickly without getting a headache.

Nevertheless, running between $350 and $450 the new iPod has some people looking for other forms of inexpensive music.

Horecee St. Cyr, senior public relations major, said that there are other things she would spend her money on other than an iPod such as CD players and radios that would perform just as well.

When Williams was told how much the new iPod cost she said, “I just decided I’m not getting an iPod.”

Even so, people are still willing to pay up to keep up with the Joneses.

Grumpy compared having an iPod to having a Lexus with 24 inch rims in that everyone can’t afford one so if you can you will stand out among the who’s who of somebody’s.